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We have been in business for a number of years selling across our nation Australia, with many clients thanking us for our products and service.

Many of our clients are from Adelaide come back to us for other products and service. We shipped the Genesis RD804 down to a sporting club in Adelaide South Australia

4 years ago 2 entrepreneurs  began with the idea of starting a small online shop where we could provide a family affordable product, that was of exceptional quality. We have since grown selling our Home theatre projectors nationally across Australia. We are now embarking on marketing internationally in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Home theatre projectors 

Gold  Coast


 Gold Coast Queensland is the home of the  Genesis Home theatre LED projector models.

We decided to go with the name “Genesis” as it defines clearly for us what these projectors have done for us as a business. 

The Genesis name was an excellent and appropriate name. Our home theatre LED projectors have been the foundation product for us, having sold over 500 projectors  around Australia. The projectors have been in the market for between 3 and 4 years now and still operating.

Our Genesis brand  is a  quality affordable product, well designed  for multiple uses. The model of projector is the RD series RD RD803 RD 804 RD 806 and RD808

Our Genesis RD range is designed for the family with modern sleek design functionality. 

Home theatre shop projector uses

  • Professional presentations
  • Training academies
  • Camping ( Back of buses )
  • Wedding events
  • Cafes
  • Home entertainment rooms,
  • Man caves,
  • Garages inside fully decked out
  • BBQ’s entertainment for children
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Churches
  • Hotel function rooms

We take pride in our home theatre LED products and always try to give you the best or cheapest price.

We are committed to Customer service.

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Where are customers using our Home theatre projectors?


We have customers all over Australia and some in Vanuatu using our home theatre LED projectors for movies and family shows. One family even using  the back of their touring bus to project movies and images onto.

  • On garage walls outside with a drop down screen
  • Home theatre entertainment rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Demonstrate math manipulative
  • Show visuals for science experiments
  • Modeling of the physical process of writing – hand movements Art:
  • Virtual Museum Tours
  • Audio visual resources
  • Whole class participation in practice test
  • Going over tests
  • Isolate new vocabulary
  • Show and Tell
  • Current Events Highlighted good vs bad grammar in writing
  • Showing selected DVDs or Videos Graphing, charts, tables
  • Creative writing – add a line
  • Step-by-step math problem-solving
  • Displaying student work
  • Comparison activities using split-screen
  • Story boarding
  • Displaying class agenda/schedule

Projectors can be used for a multitude of uses. We have some people requesting use with their computers.

There are many projectors on eBay but something to be aware of is the overstating of the product specifications. AS in most industries suppliers can get overzealous in exaggerating the product specifications.

We are often having sales on our products. Click here to see our PROJECTOR SALES


Projectors Gold Coast  are the official Sponsors of Artist and performer ” Steve Turner” – Singer and songwriter

Mr Jesse Turner

Professional Stunt man and Australian champion in Parkour and free running

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Testimonies -Some of our clients:

John Briggs from  Inspire Success academy of fitness