Home Cinema installation

Home cinema installation

The design and installation of home cinema systems is different and unique for each house. Having an initial consultation on design for the room is important to get an understanding as the type of home cinema you are wanting to end up with and how special you are wanting to make the experience.

When we design your home cinema system we use a range of excellent products from reputable suppliers. We use profession people to make the installation. Everything is checked and double checked to make sure your home cinema system is installed and operating correctly.

Some of the brands we use on a regular basis are Rotel, Anthem, Paradigm, Krix, Van Den Hul, Sim 2, Optoma and RTI.

We can work with existing equipment or design the perfect system from the ground up with each component carefully selected to complement the rest of your home theatre system.
Experience the movies at HOME.Come in and discuss the options available to create your own home cinema. With a large range of products to complement your tastes, from outdoor cinema with waterproof speakers to the luxury setup, or basic home theatre system, we can design and create an amazing home theatre experience for any budget.

Contact us  here and one of our consultants will contact you to organise a time to come and meet with you