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Online shopping – Why buy from us?

Home theatre projectors Gold coast online shop strive to look after their customers. We supply quality products to the general public, with a backup service. When you do online shopping look for the security of the site.

Our site is set with an SSL certifcate and Paypal verified.

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What do I need to be aware of when looking at your listings?

Read our delivery and return’s policy carefully.

Why are your prices so good?

We believe in providing a good quality product at a price that fits the family budget.

Do I need to wait for the confirmation of my order?

No items will be dispatched after completion of payment with tracking number

Who is Home theatre projectors Gold Coast?

Distributed by U win at oz shop under license to SPPI an Australian family business. We have been in business for over 4 years supplying over 400 customers Nationwide.

Using HDMI Cable.

I have a picture that glitches!

This may  happen if you are using  HDMI cables. Remove the HDMI cable and run a movie via the USB… The HDMI cable may be faulty.

There is a system reset in the settings.

Are your projectors under warranty ?

Yes subject to normal operating conditions.

What do you mean by “Normal operating conditions ?

The projector is like a  computer machine that requires air circulation to operate. If airflow is restricted in this will effect the cooling and may overheat.

What do I need to do?

Like any machine, you need to take care of the operation and maintenance  of it.

You are required to regularly check and clean the filter on the machine.

You must also read the manual provided with the machine and operate the machine in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Failure to do this may void any warranty.

What happens if I don’t clean the filter ?

You will void the warranty should you not clean the filter.

The warranty is to cover any possible faulty part  under normal operating conditions within the 12-month time frame. This does not include the Globe.

What are the environments I should avoid ?

Outside operation in the sun – extreme smoky or dusty conditions.

How should I turn off the projector?

Follow the manual. Do not turn off projector until the fan turns off. Failure to do this may cause the globe to overheat.

What does your warranty cover ?

Home Theatre projectors Gold Coast warranty covers the replacement parts of the projector that may have failed within the 12 month period of operation. i.e the power boards or internal switches.and must have been properly maintained and cleaned.

A projector can be returned to us and we will endeavor to replace any of those parts found to be faulty under normal operating conditions. Buyer to pay for the item return to the warehouse. Seller will return to the buyer.

In the event that the projector has  not been used properly and has been subjected to extreme operating conditions then a service charge and replacement parts will be charged for along with postage costs for return.

You must also fill out the warranty card in the manual and provide the receipt or proof of purchase.

How long does it take to get a projector fixed ?

We will endeavor to repair your projector quickly, however depending on whether it is a quick warranty issue or has been subject to very extreme operation will determine our time frame as we may need to order parts in from our manufacturer which can take several weeks.

If it is a globe replacement, a service fee and cost of the globe will be charged for.

When you shop online you need to ask about the back up service and what to do if you need this.