Projectors LED RD 808,804,803,801

Which Genesis led projector suits my needs?

Genesis LED 86 plus  Android Projector 

The Genesis led 86 Projector is our premium home theatre projector with full WiFi and Android capability, supporting 3D and in built Hi fi speaker.

This projector is ideal for the professional home theatre projector room. Simply add your Wi-fi network password and it will receive everything on your network. Transmit info from your phone or other devices in your home or work.

Watch YouTube internet TV, Skype, music, do your work on a  large screen.

  • Plug USB in as well
  • Superb image for gaming as well.
  • This is a premium product at an affordable price

Genesis RD804 LED Projector

Genesis 804 is a superb mid priced home theatre projector. Great lumens and contrast. Supports 3D as well.

Ideal for indoors or outdoors. See our video taken inside of Jurassic world projected on a wall for a movie night.

Plug a set top box in and you can have TV live on big screen. In built speakers.

Beautifully designed.

Genesis RD803 LED Projector

Slightly higher priced than the 801 with higher lumen’s and contrast. This is a great starting home theatre projector if you want stronger quality images at an affordable price. We have many clients who have this and use it for gaming.

Great for indoors, lounge rooms, garages, movie rooms

Genesis RD801  LED Projector


Budget priced projector suitable for mainly dark rooms. However can be used at dusk as sun is going down.

Great for family BBQ to entertain the children